The Complete Card

La Carta Completa
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RICES by commission (Minimum 2 people)

Rice Caldoso of Bogavante€24,00
Price per person
Rice Caldoso of Fishermen€21,00
Paella Sailor€16,00
Price per person
Creamy rice of Latiguillo Iberian and Mushrooms with All i Oli€19,00

To go hammering...
Clams to the iron€15,50
Clams to the Sailor€16,50
Bravas El Cortijo€5,20
Squids to the Roman€11,90
Snails Style Homestead€12,50
Chocos To the Andalusian€9,50
Mushrooms to the iron€8,50
Shrimps to the IronAccording to Market
Mussels Irons or Sailor€9,50
Octopus to the Galician€19,50
Puntilla To the Andalusian (Chipirones)€8,50
I prick Moruno€6,50
Peppers of Padrón€9,50
Tallarinas Salteadas Iron€11,90
Ration of Iberian Ham of Bait€12,50
Ration of Ham Acorn€22,50
Ration of Cheese Manchego€9,50
Ration of Assortment of Iberian€22,50
Zamburiñas To the iron€10,80
4 Units (Unit: €2,70)
Salad of Tomato, Avocado and Melva€9,50
Salad of Cheese of Goat with Walnuts and sauce of Yogurt€9,50
Esqueixada Of Cod, base of Tomato and olives of Kalamata€11,90
Salad Xato with Romesco, Cod and Anchovies€11,90
Cake of Potatoes with Carpaccio of Tuna and touch of Truffle€12,25
Carpaccio Of Tail of Prawn and Shavings of Foie€11,50
Salad of Twister of Carxofa Prat€12,50

Eggs Broken with Shavings of Iberian Ham€11,90
Carxofa Prat to the Oven (Season)€2,20

TORRADAS (Only Friday and Saturdays night)
Iberian ham of Acorn€13,90
Iberian ham of Bait€9,50
Loin irons, Ham Bait, green Pepper and mahonesa
New Vegetal€9,50
Jam of tomato, rulo of goat, walnuts and Canon
New Homestead€11,90
New Andaluzan€11,50
Beef hammered, Gorgonzola, Cherry, crispy Onion, Parmesano and Canons
New Catalan€10,90
Pechuga Of Chicken, Tomato slice, Apple and Cheese of Goat cured
It Poses it't Morat€11,50
Morcilla Of Boroughs with Jam of green Pepper, Cheese Manchego and crispy Onion
Salmon ahumado, dry Tomato, Carxofa Prat Confitada, Crispy of Onion, Cheese of Goat and Sauce of Yogurt

Tuna Irons Sauce of Yogurt and pepper caramelizado€16,50
Cod Sauce Gorgonzola and natural Strawberries€16,50
Cod Gratén with All i Oli of Basic Honey of Pepper Tomato and Onion€16,50
Cod Irons with Onion Tomato Caramelizado and Culis of Piquillo€16,50
Barbecue of Seafood (For 2 people)€48,00
Sepia, Squid, Prawns, Mussel, Clam, Razor and Zamburiña

Espalditas Of Rabbit to the Brasa with All i Oli€10,50
Espalditas Of Rabbit to the Style Homestead€11,50
Ribs of Lamb Brasa National€18,00
Entrecotte Of Cow Macerada to the Brasa€21,50
Solomillo Of Beef with Foie and Jam of Figs€24,50
Iberian prey of Pig to the Brasa€16,50
Magret Of duck with reduction of Red Fruits€14,50
Potablava To the Style of the Cheff€25,50
Ingot of lamb Roasted to the perfume of Romero€19,50

Macarrones Napolitana€8,50
It includes Soda or Water
Escalopa Chicken with Potatoes€8,50
It includes Soda or Water
Hamburger with Potatoes€8,50
It includes Soda or Water - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat