The Torradas del Cortijo & Pose't Morat fill dinners and dinners of groups. Only the Fridays and Saturdays night
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The torradas only serve Friday and Sabados at night

Iberian ham of Acorn€13,90
Iberian ham of Bait€9,50
Loin irons, Ham Bait, green Pepper and mahonesa
New Vegetal€9,50
Jam of tomato, rulo of goat, walnuts and Canon
New Homestead€11,90
Loin irons, foie and jam of figs
New Andaluzan€11,50
Beef hammered, Gorgonzola, Cherry, crispy Onion, Parmesano and Canons
New Catalan€10,90
Pechuga Of Chicken, Tomato slice, Apple and Cheese of Goat cured
It Poses it't Morat€11,50
Morcilla Of Boroughs with Jam of green Pepper, Cheese Manchego and crispy Onion
Salmon ahumado, dry Tomato, Carxofa Prat Confitada, Crispy of Onion, Cheese of Goat and Sauce of Yogurt - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat