The chicken Potablava, or chicken of the Prat, is the queen of our flesh. But you do not forget you of our brasa, with beef, lechal or the Iberian prey.
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· Entrecot Of beef to the brasa of 400 gr.
· Roasted of throws of Beef to the brasa
· Espalditas Of Rabbit to the brasa
· Espalditas Of Rabbit to the style del Cortijo
· Costillar Of pig to the oven in his juice
· Ribs of lamb to the brasa
· Chuletón Of Cow Macerado 800 gr.
· Solomillo Of beef with Foie 
· Barbecue del Cortijo with potatoes to the caliu and padrón (Chicken, Butifarra, churrasco of beef, chorizo and lamb)
· Iberian prey to the brasa
· Magret Of Duck with red fruits
. Pollastre Potablava To the style of the Chef
. Latiguillo Of Iberian pig to the brasa

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