To go hammering...

Para ir picando...
You cover them always they have gone of the hand del Cortijo. A classical of the Prat. You do not resist you to the bravas del Cortijo.
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Clams to the Iron                                           €15,50
Clams to the Sailor                                        €16,50
Bravas El Cortijo                                                  €5,20
Squids to the Roman                                         €11,90
Snails Style Homestead                                     €12,50
Chocos To the Andalusian                                            €9,50
Mushrooms to the Iron                                     €8,50 
Shrimps to the Iron                                               (According to Market)
Mussels Irons or Sailor                                               €9,50
Octopus to the Galician                                                €19,50
Puntilla To the Andalusian (Chipirones)                      €8,50
I prick Moruno                                                      €6,50
Peppers of the Padrón                                            €9,50
Tallarinas Salteadas Irons                              €11,90
Ration of Ham Iberico of Bait                     €12,50
Ration of Ham Acorn                                    €22,50 
Ration of QuesoManchego                                                  €9,50
Ration of Assortment of Iberian                          €22,50 
Zamburiñas To the iron 4 or. (€2,70/or.)                                       €10,80 - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat