The Torradas del Cortijo & Pose't Morat fill dinners and dinners of groups. Even there are clients that go trying all. It is missing you any to try?
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· Iberian ham of acorn
· Jamon Iberian of Bait
· Iberian loin
· Cheese Manchego
· Escalivada, tuna and anchovy
· Loin Irons with cheese
· Bacon With cheese
· Assortment of Torradas (Ham, tuna, chorizo and salchichón)
· El Cortijo (Loin, bacon, red pepper and Cheese melted)
· Wayward (Cream cheese, slices tomato, ham york and cheese melted)
· Andalusian (Beef, bacon, green pepper and cheese melted)
· Catalan (Pechuga of chicken, mahonesa, red pepper and cheese melted)
· Vegetal (Lettuce, tomato, tuna, cheese and mahonesa)
· Rancher (Chicken, cheese-rulo, brie, Edam, slices of apple and Tomato)
· Southerner (Prick moruno, with cheese melted and padrón) - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat