More than 70.000 you cover Pota Blava do to fly the 8ª edition of the QuintoTapa

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Más de 70.000 tapas Pota Blava hacen volar la 8ª edición del QuintoTapa

Day 3 November and have the uprising of the best copies of Pota Blava stifled. Surpassed the 70.000 cover, is the result of a gastronomic party that did not smell neither the most optimistic. The route of reference of the province of Barcelona, ​​organised by AGT with the support of the City council of the Prat, goes back to lead the gastronomic activities based in the product of vicinity.

More than 70.000 you cover afterwards, the eighth edition of the route QuintoTapa continues adding figures and Pota Blavas to his list of record by a route that has like aim the promotion of the Pota Blava and the products of season of the Agricultural Park of the Baix Llobregat, achieving consolidate the mark of The Prat like gastronomic city that sounds with force in Barcelona. 
The incorporation of the line 9 of the Metre has been a road more to arrive to The Prat and enjoy of his gastronomy and tourist appeals: a good bunch of hospitalenses and Barcelonan have displaced in public transport, increasing the consumers from different points of the province of Baix Llobregat and the province of Barcelona.  

Aims achieved: Give to know the sex appeal gastronomic and success of the campaign #ElPratRefugiats 
The 8ª edition of the QuintoTapa has achieved his aim: that all have sleeps gone up of tone after trying the Pota Blava. You cover them sold are witness. And success also of the campaign #ElPratRefugiats, collaborating with the project of refugees of The Prat Solidari: by each tweet that the users went up to Twitter with #ElPratRefugiats, AGT and MORITZ contributed 1 €. They have collected 214 €.

The Pota Blava and the Carxofa Prat go back to the Fira Avícola

The gastronomy will go back to be one of the axes of the 43ª Fira Avícola Raça Prat the 16, 17 and 18 December.
The AGT will go back to organise the Fira Covers Pota Blava and Carxofa Prat the Gastronomic Pavilion with more than 800 m2 devoted to the promotion of the product of vicinity. Also it will take advantage of to choose, in a Show cooking, covers it winner of the Better contest Covers Gastronomic of the QuintoTapa Pota Blava, with the implication of the School Hoffman, in which we also will organise the Memorial Mey Hoffman, in memory of the prestigious chef died the past month of May. In addition to developing the collaboration with the project on refugees of The Prat Solidari.

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