Mesón El Cortijo in The Prat of Llobregat

Mesón El Cortijo en El Prat de Llobregat
Mesón El Cortijo it inaugurates in 1976, regentado then by the brothers Marín. Later they were the brothers Garcia those who, around some 20 years, spent the reins of the establishment. And from August of the 2004 it regentamos we, the brothers Cruz Blond. As well you can observe, by things of the fate or by casualidades of the life or who knows reason, El Cortijo always has been regentado by brothers.
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Always it has tried maintain the venue like the first day that inaugurated , walls and ceiling rústico and exclusive, and a big wooden bar maciza and a so historical decoration that have done that this venue, along his 40 years of life, keep on being an emblematic and historical venue of the Prat.

In his first years, by Mesón El Cortijo spent many famous of the bullfighting world, among them the Jelve, Juli, Espartaco etc. also spent people of the world of the show like Tania Doris, and also was very visited by big cantaores like the Romeros of Populates it. Along all these years the main reference of the El Cortijo in the culinary art has been always his good Iberian ham of acorn, his potatoes bravas and good cheese manchego.

Nowadays Inn Homestead, survives to these times thanks to maintaining alive part of that art of the good Iberian ham of acorn and expanding the gastronomic repertoire with a big assortment of cover, daily menu, betting by the product of vicinity like the chicken Potablava or the Carxofa Prat, the flesh to the brasa and torradas varied for the but young, of this way achieve to have the clientele of yesterday and achieve the new clientele for next years. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat